Streamline Funnel System Compensation Plan

There is a new program called the Streamline Funnel System that has set the online marketing world on fire with hype. Lots of people feel like this new program is really a way to gain subscribers. But some others think that they can earn some cash through the Streamline Funnel System compensation plan. So, we’ll take a close look at it.

If you haven’t already heard, the Streamline Funnel System is a new program that will get you 10,000 double opt-in leads. clickfunnels discount We are told that this system will get you these leads by legal and ethical means of “extracting” them from other targeted websites.

A lot of members say that it is easy to earn commissions off of the Streamline Funnel System compensation plan. So, I’ll break the plan down for you. You earn commissions when people in your downline buy additional packages of leads.

If a member of your downline buys an additional 10,000 leads, you will earn $50. If a member purchases 20,000 leads you will earn $95 and if someone in your downline buys 40,000 leads, you earn a commission of $185.

These payments will even continue to be paid monthly. As long as the member of your downline that made the purchase continues the monthly subscription to the package, you will be paid every month.

But, the Streamline Funnel System’s main website says that its members won’t have to do any selling to get referrals. Here’s the reason that a lot of members say that it is easy to earn commissions: You don’t have to sell anything, because your affiliate link will be sent out automatically. This affiliate link will go out to your 10,000 leads that you get with you membership.

After completing a lot of research on the Streamline Funnel System compensation plan, I think that if you can get just one person in your downline to make an additional purchase every month, you will have enough to cover your membership fee. If you are able to get around three people in your downline to purchase an additional package, you could actually make some money with this program.

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