Secrets to Good Content Writing

Content writing is slowly becoming the mother of all professions. How often do you get a profession which pays lucratively for penning down thoughts and ideas? Well like any other profession, in content writing, a tremendous amount of skill and art are involved which is the secret of a successful content writer.

It is not just about taking an idea and just vaguely penning it down on paper and submitting it to the client. Lots of measures have to be kept in mind and observed while writing a good article. Always keep good impression writing in mind that it’s the reader who you have to keep in mind and write according to their choices and preferences and not your own. Some key points to good content writing are:-

Put the crux in the first paragraph- Let the reader know in the first paragraph itself about what you are writing and what he can expect in the lines to follow. As we know, web surfers have this tendency to switch sites after a few seconds. So put your article in a simple language. Refrain from using complex texts.

To the point text- Always use text which is relevant to the subject you are writing about. Do not stretch the article unnecessarily. It makes the reader feel bored and also takes away from the credibility of the article. Don’t make the user read stories. Concentrate on the topic.

Frame small paragraphs- Reading text on the computer screen can be somewhat of a tedious job. And that augurs for long paragraphs because people tend to skew their eyes to read better and as a writer that is not the type of impression you want to give to your client. So frame short and simple paragraphs and build up your article gradually.

Informative content- The content of your article should be informative about your subject. Proper research is a key in the art of content writing and the article should contain properly researched facts. This is often known as the body of the article.

Good conclusion- This is almost as pivotal a point as any so far. The article should be able to conclude what it wants to say in a decent manner. More often then not, articles having lousy or incomplete conclusions seem like they are like abrupt halts to the whole plot. That notion should be avoided at all costs.


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