Print Spooler keeps stopping. How to fix it?

Hello! Hi! I’m here with some kind of problem I’ve been using Windows 10 for a while now, and I’ve also had a computer-connected printing machine. Until now, I have never had any problems with the printing process. The print spooler seems to stop whenever I try to print any document type! How am I going to fix this? Thanks ahead of time!

Print Spooler [1] is a part needed for effective printing when connecting your computer or laptop to a press or server. This application takes care of all printing-related tasks, allows several jobs to create, and ensures the quality-full completion of the entire process from start to finish.

When the printer launched, the print spooler keeps stopping windows 10 product starts to work and has commissioned to complete various printing tasks. This app also speeds up the whole process so it doesn’t take as long as otherwise, it would. The tool also appears on the computer as the spoolsv.exe executable file.

The Print Spooler also boots automatically once the computer is booted and deactivates itself when the operating system is not Longer running. The user is then allowed to handle the full quality and speed of printing actions. Includes: viewing all the printing tasks created; considering the size, length and status of the pending printing; delaying or removing jobs already created.

Print Spooler is a problem that can occur to any Windows user that has a printing machine. If you’re also a person with such a mistake, don’t worry, there are some fixes. View all the methods provided below and choose the technique that best suits you. Seek others if one patch doesn’t succeed.

However, if all has completed, but the issue has still troubled you again, there may be some malicious goods, entries,[3] or unknowingly installed software on your Windows computer that has caused the Print Spooler to avoid an error. Perform a complete system test with a tool like Reimage for this purpose.

Fix no. 1. Try “owning” the spoolsv.exe file

If you’ve been looking for ways to fix Print Spooler, the problem will continue to stop, our team of experts have provided you with some methods of fixing it. The related file is owned by one of them. Try the technique here:

Press the Windows logo key and the E button.

Wait for the appearance of Windows Explorer / File Explorer.

1 – Select This PC / My computer from one of the window’s left panels.

2 – Go to the C:\Windows\System32 directory.

Select the spoolsv.exe component on an ongoing basis. With your mouse right-click on the file and go ahead with Properties.

3 – Continue with the Security tab that will appear after the Properties window has started.

The section on Group and user names will appear. Click here for Users > Advanced.

4 – Select Change and write the name of your user account under the Owner option.

5 – Also, select Names Check > OK.

Then, use > OK.

6 – Apply > OK again afterwards. Restart the service of the Print Spooler and also your machine.

Fix no. 2. Eliminate information from the Spool folder

1 – To launch Windows Explorer or File Explorer, click the Windows key and the E button.

2 – Go to this location:C:\\Windows\\System32\spool on the left pane.

3 – Go to My Computer / This PC.

4 – Join the folder of the drivers and remove all the material contained there.

5 – Delete all material from the Printers folder on an ongoing basis.

6 – Restart the Print Spooler and then restart your computer.

Fix no. 3. Isolate some drivers

1- Hold a second on your keyboard with the Windows key and the R button.

2 – Type printmanagement.msc and hit Enter when a white-run box appears.

3 – Select All drivers once the Print Management window appears.

4 – Then choose your name for the print engine.

5 – Then right-click and choose Isolation Package.

6 – Choose the function of Isolate.

7 – Close the window for Print Management.

8 – Reboot the machine.

9 – Restart the service of the Print Spooler.

Fix no. 4. Eliminate unneeded Registry entries

If you have had trouble with your Print Spooler recently and the Print Spooler keeps the error stops appearing frequently, you should try to remove unnecessary registry keys as some of them may be related to your problem.

1 – On your keyboard, press the Windows key and the R button.

2 – Wait for the appearance of a small run box.

3 – Select Regedit and hit Enter afterwards.

4 – The editor of the registry will appear now.

5 – Select Yes for the administrative privileges to run the Registry Editor.

6 – Click File > Export to continue.

7 – Choose the export location’s desktop option.

8 – Find the location of the file name and type the name.

9 – Select All > Export range on a continuous basis.

Choose to save.

Then go to

10 – Computer\\HKEY LOCAL

11 – MACHINE\\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Providers.

12 – Remove all entries except for LanMan Print and Internet Print Provider.

13 – Also, if you locate one, remove the key named Printing Services.

14 – Reboot your PC and Print Spooler for Windows.

Fix no. 5. Update your printing drive

In some cases, the print spooler keeps stopping can trigger a corrupted or lousy printer driver to stop the problem. Good news is that here you have a chance to remove the problem. About this fix, you will need to download the latest upgrade for your printer driver as the lack of critical updates can lead to various software challenges, including your printer/driver/server.

Correction No. 6. Try to run an SFC scan or check the disk

In some cases, the Print Spooler can trigger a corrupted or lousy printer driver to stop the problem. Good news is that here you have a chance to remove the problem. Regard to this fix; you will need to download the latest upgrade for your printer driver as the lack of critical updates can lead to various software challenges, including your printer/driver/server.

SFC scanning:

1 – Go to search and type cmd for Windows.

2 – Allow the Administrative Privileges Command Prompt service.

3 – Following the blinking cursor, type SFC / scan now.

4 – Touch the key to enter.

Wait for the black window to complete the process.

Reset the unit.

1- Testing the disk: Boot commands Prompt again as an administrator.

2 – Following the blinking cursor, type-check / r and click Enter.

3 – Wait for the execution of the command and complete the task.

4 – Restart your Windows machine afterwards.

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